From yachts, cruisers, houseboats, etc., boats come in various different sizes, types, and shapes. Some are made for the sea while some for freshwater. When it comes to protecting your precious boat, there’s no better way of doing it than by buying custom boat covers that suits your requirements perfectly and protect your boat in the long run. To do the job perfectly, it must keep the snow, water, and ice out yet discourage excess condensation. There are many specialized companies, such as the Divine Design Upholstery, that makes customized boat covers to not only protect your boat and also help you stay ahead in the style game. Let’s have a look at some workable tips to maintain the boat cover to give service for many years:

  1. Regularly clean the boat cover

To keep your boat protected and in the best working order, it is advised to clean the boat cover at least once a month or whenever your boat accumulates dirt. The best idea is to spray off the dirt with a water pipe or a garden hose. On cold days, it is advised to remove the dirt fragments with a brush. Experts from Divine Design upholstery suggest to not use detergents as they tend to have an adverse effect on the waterproofing that is done on the boat cover.

  1. Keep the boat cover stretched

Ensure that your boat cover is not slacked and tightly taut to keep water from pooling on the cover. Water that is pooled on the cover will result in mold, mildew, and mosquitoes. It will also tend to reduce the life of the cover. However, you shouldn’t pull too tightly because that tends to weaken the boat cover.

  1. Make sure it is dry & clean during the boating time

If the summer season is here and you are planning to wrap the boat cover up for the season, ensure that it is thoroughly dry and cleaned before you pack it away to prevent mold and mildew. This will also ensure that the boat cover gives service for many years. The best way is to wash it, lay it out in the air to dry in the sun for a day, check if it is thoroughly dried and then pack it for the boating season.

  1. Use a tarp for extra protection

As a matter of fact, even the most durable boat covers are not always resistant to the fast-flowing water. For enhanced protection during precipitation, key idea is to put a plastic tarp over the cover to increase the protection levels. This will ensure that no water enters the boat that could potentially damage the cover and as a result, your boat.

  1. Use water repellent cleaner

After giving years of service, boat covers tend to lose their water-repellent finish which causes the water to be pooled up and damage the boat. However, you can cope up with this effect by using special cleaning products that tend to increase the life of your boat cover. Much like the tent water repellent, spraying along the layers and then the other sections will ensure resistance to water for a long time period.

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