5 Secrets to Cleaning Your Home in Half the Time


home cleaning

You always avoid cleaning your house and think whole week to do so. This happens when you think that your guests will not come in the middle of the week but then you suddenly get to know about their arrival to your house in a weekday. Now you wonder what to do first, cooking or cleaning. You after realising the seriousness of the matter start panic and roaming everywhere in tension for five minutes. Later you decide that by doing this your house will not be cleaned. Well it is alright! if something happens like this just start taking deep breath and forget about doing big tasks and going into any deep cleaning of your house. You will only have enough time to handle the big things that are clearly visible to everyone.

Talking differently, when winter comes you like to spend more time in your house. This offers you perfect time to go into deep cleaning of your house. This will not only provide you your home with fresh feeling but you will also feel yourself healthier. Moreover, winter is all about closing your doors and windows and letting germs and bacteria to stay in your home for a long time this will ultimately make you suffer from flu and cold.

Home cleaning and organising a home can take a lot of your time due to this, many of the people prefer to hire end of lease house cleaning in Melbourne. But not everyone can afford the services every month so below are some secrets to clean your home in half the time and make your life easy. The following tips seem so effortless and stress-free that anybody can do them.

Smart Planning:

smart planning

It is wisely said that a person who is well prepared has won the half battle, we can use this proverb in cleaning our house as well. Remember plan first and then execute it in cleaning the house this will reduce the time consumption as you do not have to think after each step. You can also prepare all of your tools and materials before starting your tasks.

Washroom cleaning while taking shower:

washroom cleaning

To save your time you can clean your washroom while taking shower. Just grab all the tools along with you and clean the washroom before cleaning yourself. Doing this everyday will leave your washroom shinning.

Efficient use of machines:

use of machines

Go for a multi-functional vacuum cleaner for your house so that all your appliances, upholstery and complex areas can be cleaned. So, investing in a multi-functional vacuum cleaner will be a good idea.

Make a habit!

Make a habit of clean as you go that means, make a habit of cleaning and pick up all the things when you are done using them. For instance: teach your children to pick all the toys and place them on the right position after playing with them.

Shining Stainless Steal

shining steal

It’s a challenge for every woman to clean the smudges on the stainless-steel sinks and wash basin surface as it eats all most of the time. All you can use mineral oil, pour it on a piece of cloth and wipe it once in a week. It makes easy to clean smudges and watermarks.


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