Travelling from one place to another has been made easy with the invention of wheels. With time the modes of travelling have also changed and with it, wheels have evolved to support the increasing needs of speed. There are various vehicles available on the market and you can choose and buy your own vehicle according to your needs. Each model of vehicles demands a different set of wheels and each wheel demands a different set of tires according to the place it needs to travel. Amongst other vehicles, the demand for motorcycles is on a high for its cost-effectiveness, slender design and speed and easy to handle and park features. While buying a motorcycle it is important to know about tires.

Types of Tires

Tube-type, tubeless, bias-ply, and radial are four fundamental types of tyre usually used for motorcycles. Tube-type tires usually contain a tube with valve and rim, but is more prone to getting punctured so leading tyre manufacturing company in India, these days are manufacturing more and more tubeless tires. Tubeless tires have another inner tube within it and to make the assembly airtight the valve is fixed permanently with the rim.

This makes the air leakage in the tire very slow in case of a puncture. Cords made up of different fabrics like nylon, rayon, polyester runs across the bias-ply tire in alternate patterns from bead to bead. Radial tires are made of cords of steel or fabrics where the alternate patterns run on the tread portion of the tire and the cords are placed radically from one bead to another bead.

Bias-ply tires are thicker than radical tires. Also, bias-ply tires have more load capacity, longevity and are more preferred by travellers. Radical tires have an advantage of proper flexibility, and better heat dissipation than that of bias-ply and are also preferred on roads that are narrow.

Compound and Tread Pattern of Tires

The next thing to look into while choosing a tire is its compound and the tread pattern. Tread is the rubber material that stays in continuous contact with the road surface and compound is the make of the whole tire in totality. Tread pattern refers to the designs of grooves and channels made on the tire to strengthen its grip on the road, especially on roads wet due to rains.

Size of Tires

The size of the tire should be chosen according to your motorcycle’s rim fit. You can always choose a wider tire for better grip but that might result in giving you less dexterity and also cause problems in your suspension and acceleration. The best motorcycle tire manufacturer makes tires more suited to your needs and helps to choose from their wide range of products. Tires are an integral part of motorcycles as tyres are responsible for prevention of skidding. And it also helps in avoiding accidents. The friction force and the grip pattern of the tire is an essential part to look into while choosing a tire for your motorcycle.


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