Why Santa’s Magic Bags?


Best Toy Bag

Giving your kids the best Christmas holiday memories just got better! Cloud9idea has fully opened Pandora’s Box to reveal the best package that fuels the joy in the heart of kids, and lights up the aura in homes during Christmas Holidays – Santa’s magic bags! Santa’s magic Christmas bags bear all the excitement that will get your children very enthusiastic in anticipation of Christmas holidays. Furthermore, it helps create memories that clearly define the excitement of growing up in a home filled with love, warmth, and laughter.

Santa’s magic bags are exclusively designed to boost the enchantments of Christmas, counting 25 days that a child wakes up in excitement from the 1st to the 25th of December.

At cloud9idea, a conscious effort has been made to ensure that children get the best of their childhood. The idea for Santa’s magic bags grew with a genuine desire to lift the children’s spirit during Christmas holidays, but a thorough evaluation and a search through online and offline markets didn’t offer any product that got kids very happy in a memorable way, every day till Christmas.

Cloud9ideas understand the vital role an unforgettable Christmas holidays play in childhood; as adults, we have all been there as kids, and most of our fun memories of childhood lie within the warmth of bubbly holidays. That is why cloud9ideas created the first batch of Santa’s magic bags in 2017, to lightly test the waters and know how the use of the bags will impact kids. Oh! The love that radiated from the eyes of the kids with each new day, the smiles and the warmth they expressed!

The bags are easy to use and so much fun for both the giver and the receiver. Filling the bags and receiving the bags gives Joy for all.

Gift wraps are not necessary, the suspense is held in untying each bag. Carefully designed for each day of December the bags create a keep sake memory for years of enjoyment. Custom Santa clips are used to hook the bags to the decorative board, as a bag is removed from the board, a part of Santa’s picture is revealed – removing the last clip on Christmas day will fully expose the image on the board to the thrill of the kids.

Parents and grandparents take the time to reward your kids for being well behaved and making you proud through the year! Create a tradition that keeps the home all bubbly through the holidays! www.santasmagicbags.com


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