Best Indian Desserts for Your Family Party


Throwing a family party at your place can be super exciting and as we all know, the best party about the food at parties is the dessert menu! Everyone looks forward to the dessert menu at the parties! Here are some of the best Indian sweets you can order for your family party that are always a winner amongst people –

Gajar ka halwa
Gajar ka halwa is one of the best Indian sweets that you can order from Kanha sweets Jaipur for your party. This Indian sweet is made with sweet red carrots, milk cream, sugar and a lot of dry fruits. This dessert is usually very sweet and rich so if you have Diabetic guests at your party, you will need to keep a sugar free option for your diabetic guests. This is also one of the most trending and the most expensive desserts that you can purchase for yourself.

Another winner in the Indian desserts section is Rasmalai. This sweet dish is made with flour and sugar balls dunked in a pool of sweet milk which is rich with dry fruits, saffron and other items for making the milk extremely thick and tasty. This dish is best served cold and should be served fresh. The heavy cream in this sweet dish is what makes it really stand out from the rest. This isn’t an extremely sweet dish like Gajar ka halwa so anyone can have this even if they have high cholesterol or high sugar in their blood.

Moong dal halwa
Another excellent halwa is the moong dal halwa which is made with crushed and roasted moong dal. A lot of sugar, dry fruits and ghee is used in this halwa which makes it extremely heavy on the stomach. This can be an extremely sweet dish so if you have diabetic guests at your party, you will need to have a sugar free alternative of this sweet dish for them. Kanha sweets Jaipur can customize this halwa for you without any additional costs. Moong dal halwa can also be made at home because it is super easy to cook!

Falooda is one of the best desserts that every Indian family purchase after their dinner at local restaurants. Every Indian restaurant has falooda with different add-ons such as dry fruits, ice cream, kulfi and so on. You can have a kulfi counter at your party for your guests in small glasses which can be easy to eat, less messy and easy to dispose off as well. You can also have rabdi or assorted kulfi for the falooda that you can have as add-ons for the party. For your diabetic guests, you can skip the icecream.
Apart from the excellent Indian dessert buffet counter for your guests, you can also create super cute party favors with Indian sweets such as laddoos or even Indian twist to chocolates. You can order these ready made packages from your local bakeries and dessert stores that send gifts to Jaipur or anywhere across India.


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