5 Best Writing Strategies To Improve The Quality Of Content


From the past few decades, it has been seen that writing is not only a hobby, now it has become a career option for many of the aspirants. After the google panda update which focuses on content uniqueness and creativity has made every type of organization to work accordingly. For countering this hurdle content writers and bloggers are now taken into consideration. Due to this, the demand of the candidates for Content writer jobs profile is so high in the market. These jobs offer a good and well-structured pay scale in which it can be regarded as worth doing these jobs. A writer can work as a freelancer and can do a full-time job in any organization. Nowadays, maximum people are choosing to make their career towards this lucrative field.

Let’s discuss the strategies that can improve the quality of your content:

  1. Formatting: Writing a piece of quality content is not enough to increase the traffic to your website. You need to focus on formatting as well in order to improve the user experience. Users don’t like the content that contains long paragraphs and by providing such content you will surely lose the attention of your audience.

Few ways to improve the formatting of content:

  • Use bullet points and numbers
  • Use bold and italic format
  • Include reference and links
  • Make subheadings
  1. Quotes: Sometime it may happen that we need to write the content on a topic we don’t know about. So, the only way to produce quality content is to include quotes from professionals, experts and revolve your content around their message.
  2. Use Multimedia: Nowadays, people love to see interactive content which includes videos and images. Add videos and images to your content to improve the quality of your content or to attract more visitors.

 But before adding any videos and images make sure that:

  • Your images or videos are in context with your content.
  • Your visuals add actual value to your content.
  • Your visuals don’t slow down your loading time while maintaining quality.
  • Your images are optimized for search engines and social shares.
  1. Content Optimization: Optimize the content to improve the user experience. Before publishing any piece of content make sure that you read through it and double check to see that your audience will like it and appreciate what you’ve created.

Few ways to optimize your content:

  • Search for the relevant title
  • Use google trends
  • Focus on keywords
  1. Editing and Proofreading: both the concepts of editing and proofreading are very important and can turn your content from boring to exiting. Don’t publish your content without performing these two tasks.

Reread your content several times and take the help of your friends and experts to improve the quality of content. Edit your content to check if it is well organized and fulfilling the need of your audience. Both editing and proofreading help you to identify that what is missing in your content, what you will need to add, what references should be included and many more things.

Focus on few things while editing:

  • Content structure
  • Writing style
  • Language

Creating a piece of content for any website or blog is very challenging, but following the major strategies mentioned above will surely help you in improving the quality of your content.



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