Home Remedies for Typhoid Fever


IntroductionTyphoid fever is due to infection of intestinal tract and bloodThey are caused mainly caused due to water and food.Symptoms of typhoid fever are constipation, weakness, headache, weight loss,etc. It is always suggested to use pure and clean water.

Home remedies to get rid of typhoid water 

Cold compress- The most effective method to get rid of typhoid is cold compress. It helps in lowering fever. Take a clean cloth, dip in ordinary water, take out excess water from material and apply on forehead, and feet whichhelp in reducing down fever. 

Increase fluid intake- Fluid intake is very useful in typhoid fever, it helps in maintaining fluid inside the body. Due to typhoid dehydration takes place, increase fluid helps to pass waste from the body. As mentioned on ehomeremedieshub drinking eight glasses of water is highly recommended, other liquid such as fresh juice, coconut water,etc. 

Homemade ORS-Diarrhea is the primary symptom observed in typhoid. Maintain fluid; itis recommended to drink ORS. ORS can be readily available fromthemedical shop.Take a half teaspoon of salt and mix with two teaspoons of sugar in one-liter water. Consuming ORS three to four times in a day helps in fighting against dehydration.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Apple cider vinegar plays a significant role in fighting against typhoid fever. It contains acid which helps in lowering temperature. It also provides sufficient minerals, which getlost, due to diarrhea.Take a half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and mix with honey and warm water. Drink the mix solution four times before meal.Mix apple cider vinegar in water and apply using cloth on forehead. Change the fabricat short intervals; thishelps in lowering temperature.

Garlic- Garlic is beneficial in lowering down typhoid fever. It helps in making immune strong, to fight against the disease.Raw garlic taken at empty stomach is a useful treatment against typhoid.Mix garlic in milk and some quantity of water, boil the solution till it remains one-fourth. Drinking the mixture helps in curing the disease. 

Basil- Basil is a useful verb in treatment against typhoid. It has anantibacterial element, whichhelps in curing disease. Take leaves of basil, mix ginger grated intothe water and heat the solution, once the mixture remains half, drink three times in a day. Take the juice of basil and combine black pepper into it. Basil is an excellent home remedy to treat typhoid. 

Conclusion: Oily food and meat should not be taken, in typhoid. Proper intake of water is necessary to maintain hydration. Cleanliness should be there while eating, adequate hygiene to be ma. Proper rest helps against weakness. Green vegetables, fruits, and vegetables are taken to prevent diarrhea. Home remedies are simple and easy to implement to fight disease.Inadequate food can lead to typhoid. Home available ingredients have no side effect on the body. They are chemical free, which helps to cure the problem. You can click here to get over for such informative articles writing service on health and home remedies.


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