5 things you should do when in Split


It is holiday time and you are wondering which places to visit, why not try Split, Croatia? Split is a beautiful Mediterranean town- vibrant and charming, known for its vast culture, museums, art galleries and the beaches. There are so many things you can do in Split to make your time memorable while there. The following are some of the 5 most popular things people do when they come to Split

  1. Have a walk at the Diocletian Palace.

The Diocletian Palace is a place you shouldn’t miss visiting while in Split. Purposely built as an imperial residence for the Roman emperor, this magical Roman ruin also acted as a military fortress. This palace has gates built from different metals from which they are named after. They include; Golden gate, Iron gate, Silver gate and Bronze gate. As you enjoy this beautiful architecture, you will also get to experience some good evening music in the plaza, bars and even cafes that have been built in the area over time.


  1. Hike Marjan Hill

Marjan hill is one of Split’s biggest natural recreational spot and a locals’ favorite. Filled with a lot of footpaths below the beautiful pine trees, it is just the best place to go for a walk, jog or even go mountain-biking. There are paths that will take you to the summit where there is a cafe bar called Vidilica café perched on top of the hill. From this cafe, you get to enjoy the spectacular view of the city. While at the hill you can also explore the churches and chapels found in the area.


  1. Hit the beach

You can walk through the Marjan Hill to the north side of the peninsula and find yourself at the Bene Beach. While there, you can decide to have a swim or just relax on the shore. Bačvice beach is another beach you can visit which is a few minutes’ walk from the main bus station in Split. There is so much to enjoy at this sandy beach including bars and nightclubs. You can decide to play a game ofpicigin.Which is an amateur sport played in the shallow water and the players are bashing a small ball to prevent it from hitting the water.


  1. Island Hopping

From Split you can always visit one island from the other. This you can do by use of ferry boats or by sailing, in an organized trip or if more adventurous by yourself.Every island is special and unique in its own way for example BisevoIsland where you get to enjoy the famous Blue Cave well-known for its beautiful blue waters. From there you can visit the Island Vis to see a beautiful bay called Stiniva Cove. Ravnik Island will be the next destination where you can visit the famous Green Cave which got her name because of the green color that produces when the sunlight passes through the small hole on the vault of the cave. The other known Island is Hvar, which is the longest and sunniest Croatian island.


  1. Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is one of the most breathtaking experiences you can enjoy in Split. There are two available options which are either having a morning tour or evening tour around Marjan Hill. During these tours, you get to enjoy the view of Split from the sea and you can stop for snorkeling, cliff climbing and jumping and make some memorable Instagram photos.


The means of transport you can use to get to Split depends on which city you are coming from. You can either use the road or the main railway line in Split.  You can always get the services of taxi transfer Split. They offer transportation from the airport to your preferred destination.

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