How to remove different kinds of stains from leather furniture?


Soft and supple leather couches and chairs are beautiful and comfortable addition in your home and office. In addition to dusting and wiping with a dampen piece of soft white cloth, they need a little more extra cleaning care and maintenance. In addition to dirt and grime, they are also at the risk of liquids and spills. These spills will stain the surface if not cleaned immediately.

When it comes to routine cleaning and care, you can’t rely solely on professional help, instead you will need to learn the tactic to tackle and remove stains from leather furniture.

What is routine cleaning and care?

Regular vacuuming is the best way to suck finest dust particles from the upholstery materials in furniture. This is not enough for the leather furniture. Wiping down with a moistened clean, soft and white cloth is essential to ensure removing all the dirt. Though, cloth must not be soaking wet. White cloth is used to avoid leaving the stain deposits on the surface.

How to remove different stains?

Greasy spills

Don’t make a mistake of using a damp cloth over the grease stain or spill. Water is unable to bind grease. Instead you need to use dry and soft piece, preferably with blotting capability to capture grease. Press it well over the stained area to blot maximum amount of grease. Sprinkle the talcum powder or cornstarch on the affected area and repeat the process. Let the powder sit on the surface for a while and then dust off with a brush with soft bristles. Avoid rubbing, as it scratches not only the surface but also embed the stain in the fabric.

Water marks

Water marks look really bad and spoil the actual finish of leather. Relax they can be tackled easily. The best way to stop development of stubborn hard to remove spots, immediately blot the spill area with clean and soft absorbing cloth.

Though they look ugly, they can be easily remedied. The best fix is to blot with a soft cloth immediately, as soon as the spill occurs. However, if water gets dried, it will be clean by a soft damp cloth. Start wiping gently from the stain move outward and towards the edges, in fact wipe in all direction. Avoid scrubbing and focus to wipe it gently. Use a lesser moist cloth to treat outer side of stain. Cleaning this way will deliver a uniform effect on the entire treated surface.

Ink Spots

Ink is one of the hardest stains to remove from leather. You may even need professional help to remove it completely. All depends on the severity and size of stain. Though, fresh spots are easy to treat, don’t delay it unnecessarily. Depending on the kind and size of stain, you may immediately use soap solution on smaller marks to lighten them.

However, big ink spots should be treated professionally. Don’t make a mistake to clean it with alcohol as it damage the original color. Don’t worry about the small ball point marks. As they get absorbed on their own.

Tip: Before you implement any stain removal method, check manufacturer instructions about cleaning and maintenance to avoid damaging the material. This is because leather is a complex material in terms of finishing and texture.

Endnote: Despite being an expensive furniture piece, leather furniture has the potential to last for a lifetime. All you need is to use the right method to remove stains from leather furniture.



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