Pipl: Products and Solutions


Pipl (pronounced as people) in an internet data-management company that manages data of the people in their database which it collects through online as well as offline sources.

It further provides solutions and products to businesses and helps them to flourish.In this article we will study about the solutions and the products that Pipl provides to the companies: –

Solutions: –

Solution refers to the answer to a problem. Companies face a lot of problems in their operational period which may cause its business to hamper and restrict growth and may even lead to fraud. Hence, Pipl provides three distinct solutions to their problems. These can be divided into 2…By user case and by industry

  • By user case: –
  1. IDENTITY VERIFICATION: – With the help of this solution the companies can identify and verify the data provided by the customer or the consumer before taking steps towards its fulfilment. It helps them by assuring that the information provided is legal and correct, delivering without checking may lead to time as well as resource wastage of the company.
  2. INVESTIGATION: – As the name suggests, Pipl helps the companies investigate about a person or a group of people in case of any fraud or mishappening. Automated and quick search feature really saves the time spent on manual search.
  3. DATA ENRICHMENT: – Even if you have a single piece of information with you, with the help of Pipl you can covert this single piece into a whole pack of information and function more effectively. This also helps in generating leads.
  • By Industry: –
  1. E-COMMERCE: – Helps prevent frauds by verifying the person in advance.
  2. Financial Services: – Chose your payment plan according to your needs.
  3. Marketing: – Helps you find potential leads which may convert to sales.
  4. Recruiting: – Instantly find your candidates, employees contact information.

Products: –

Coming to the products, Pipl has majorly three products to offer to the clients namely – Search, API and Files.

  1. SEARCH: – The search product can be further divided into the free version – for personal use only and the Pro version – for business and company use. As the name suggests the free version is completely free of cost and you can search as many people as you want through their search engine.

The pro version, however, is slightly bent towards the business and companies side and really helps them search for the desired people like their employees, clients etc. It has a higher search rate success, is completely without ads (ad-free) and also gives you mobile numbers of your potential searches.

The prices of the Pro version is divided on the basis of the searches done per month. It starts from 200 searches for $99 per month which is the lowest. The next milestone is 500 searches per month which will cost you $199 per month. The last but not the least is the ‘Unlimited’ searches, this will come at a price of $299 per month.

So based on your need and use you can choose the plans and purchase the subscription. The plus point is that before buying you can ask for a demo from the company and satisfy yourself before making the payment.

  1. API: – API refers to a structure of functions and coding that allows you to create applications in real-time. With the help of pipl’s API product, you can create and access your potential or existing client’s information easily by simply typing in his name. His name, as well as biodata and one photograph will appear simultaneously.
  2. FILES: –Files can be really helpful in your business marketing strategy. By searching for the contact information, social handles, professional info, demographics etc. is what will help you deliver a personalized marketing plan for your potential clients which have a large scope of conversion into leads and ultimately sales.

You can also upload your files on the website (up to 100 MB).

Do let us know if we missed something or you found something inappropriate or wrong in this article in the comment section below. Our team will be more than happy to help you out and make the corrections.


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