Let Your Business Grow Strategically In Dubai with Google Business View


A year ago, Google Business View was introduced in Dubai. Yet there are many businesses that are not getting the best out of it! This post is for such business to make them realize the true potential of Google Business View.

Widely famous as the Golden Key in the digital marketing realm, Google Business has been serving as the perfect tool to reveal a business opportunity for restaurants, movie theaters, retail outlets, spas, hotels, shopping malls and a plethora of other local business.

Many regional businesses in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, as well as other cities across the emirates of UAE are dragging their consumer experience service to a whole new level by leveraging on the virtual tours supported by the Google Business view.

What is Google Business View?

For those of you who don’t know, Google Business View is a virtual tour of a company’s inner premises via Google Street View technology. Being a business owner, you can exhibit your business to the consumers in the comfort of their home and take the credibility level a notch up. Google Business View is free to use and, when used well, can considerably boost the number of leads, customers, and consumers, as per the niche your business is related to.

What Can Google Business View Listing Do For Me?

Where businesses are hunting for the best SEO, SMM, and Website Development Company in Dubai to get a solid online presence, some smart companies are capitalizing on the potential of Google Business View. Here are how you can benefit your business using Google Business View listing:

  • Retailers, restaurants, airports, spa’s, malls can now connect with their potential customers even when they are not in the vicinity and provide them with a virtual walk-through experience, this way beefing up their intention to visit your company in the flesh.
  • Exhibit a virtual experience of what you are offering to your customers behind doors with an appealing 360-degree panoramic picture, accompanied by other detailed still pictures.
  • Considering the fact that Google Business view is listed on the Google maps, your business can achieve over 1 Billion prospects or visitors browsing Google Local Listing.
  • Google Business View is widely known for its potential to increase conversions, therefore being effective in acquiring greater leads for businesses where reliability counts since everything over the internet are supposedly virtual.
  • Retailers, malls, and healthcare centers in Dubai and in different other regions across UAE can help their prospects not just plan their drive via Google map, but also provide them with a sneak peek and a virtual experience of the interior ambiance.
  • The still photographs, the virtual tour, as well as interactive images—taken and integrated within the button entitled as “See inside” in the Google Local listing—can be shared using API on the emails or through any website or blog. Therefore, either using the API or by embedding an HTML code directly, the high impact pictures can be used again in different online digital properties or interactive demonstrations.

Trusted Photographer

Taking photographs has turned out as one of the most trending leisure activities in the recent years. It is modified into a form that anyone with a digital camera can be a photographer. Despite the countless number of photographers and photography standards occurring, when one wants to have the perfect picture, s/he pursues the professional photographers. Therefore, if your business takes the brand image too seriously, you can get help from a Google Certified photographer, who is an expert photographer with valid credentials to operate in Dubai, UAE and across the Middle East and different other markets.

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