What Impact the Cold Weather Has Upon Tire Pressure?


If you live somewhere are around the cold area that’s often welcoming the cold weather throughout the year, it’s essential to take good care of your car tires. For obvious reasons, the cold weather as well as snow affect visibility while driving and it’s almost a daily task for you to scrap your windshield and rear window in the morning, this much drop in the outdoor temperature will definitely affect your tire pressure as well.

One can’t expect a car to warm up already when it was sitting out all night in the frosty weather. In fact, these are comparatively more susceptible than those kept in a garage and even the brand new tires are affected.

About TPMS

TPMS, which stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, is quite an essential tool meant to look after whether the tire pressure is appropriate or not. Lower temperate means the lower tire pressure. It’s time to set off your TPMS if the temperature drops drastically. In fact, the TPMS will beep an alert if any of your car tires gets underinflated. In that case, you must not drive on an under inflated car tire.

Have you seen that Yellow symbol lighting up on the dashboard with an exclamation mark? It’s the TPMS sign. Many new models have the TPMS built in for every single wheel and looks after the inflation of that car tire.

You must check your car tire pressure whenever that yellow light illuminates. If you drive on an under inflated car tire, no matter if it’s amongst the premium car tyre brands, this is going to hurt the gas mileage. Furthermore, it will also increase the tire wear that will obviously results into lack of traction, improper handling and maybe the blowout.

So What’s the Appropriate Pressure?

This varies from vehicle to vehicle and even often time model to model. For that you need to check out the provided vehicle’s owner manual as it indicates a recommended cold tire inflation PSI Rate.

Inflating Tires in Cold Weather

Here’re a few important things you need to make a note of while inflating your car tires in the cold weather;

  • Make sure to check the recommended tire pressure suggested by the manufacturer. In case you have no idea about the proper tire pressure, visit the tire manufacturer’s website.
  • Pressure gauge is simply an amazing tools. Make sure to make a use of it.
  • Always measure the car tire pressure before driving. Your tire maybe of premium car tyres brands, you don’t want to lose a huge amount of money on buying the new set just because you couldn’t take good care of the previous one.
  • Deflation doesn’t improve traction. So don’t deflate tires as it will generate a lot of head that may even lead to the blowout


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