Why does your hotel need a mobile app?


There is no pal better than your smartphone while you are traveling. This one gadget is mighty enough to take care of all your travel; from planning to booking, to getting guidance in unknown to sharing the feel with friends and family in a flash. Hotels do acknowledge that how much people now depend upon their smartphones and then they do get hotels apps.

So hotels cannot avoid implementing mobility now. There is no reason, actually. In all ways, apps are valuable for them. A custom mobile app development will help them stand out of the competition and ultimately attract more customers by delivering enhanced experience. Here are the key advantages of the mobile presence for hotels:

Apps let hotels offer their guest the easiest way to book services.

A smartly designed and deployed hotel app can offer one-touch booking experience at a lot of places. Even the payment-processing can be executed just by putting smartphones closer to a payment receiving system. Hotels can customize the booking of various services to be done via its app. With a few taps, guests would book a room, vehicle to move around local market, purchasing travel plan and a lot others.

Apps can aid hotels serve future-guests more conveniently

A hotel app can be such intelligent as it can track customer’s behavior and booking habits and then, the collected information can be used to better serve future customers. Also, with data in hand, it’s not difficult to launch online campaigns to target similar customers.

Hotel Apps can be created as an effective loyalty building tool

With apps, hotels can win loyalty of customers. When an app is downloaded in a device, its presence keeps reminding people about the related brand. Next time when they search for services, they would of course consider giving a try to the app they already have. This applies to hotels industry too. This is how a hotel can create a loyal customer base for itself, its brand and all its services.

The mobile app development can be integrated with the loyalty programs so that guests will collect points during their booking and stay at hotels and then convert these points into rewards. The app can also be created with a feature of collecting reviews and ratings from guests. Other things can be featured include keyless entry, real time notifications, room service request, etc. These features will offer additional convenient to guests who always want to have enhanced experience during their travels and stays.

The app will let hotels rapidly respond the queries of guests.

These apps let hotels connect their guests before, during, and after their stays. No other channel can be such effective as an app. The app can power staff to rapidly respond to guests’ queries and provide them real time supports. Imagine that the app messages guests that the room cleaners are arriving in next 15 minute. In fact the app will let guest request a variety of services just in a few taps.

This is why hotel need apps, not only to aid their quests for to emerge as brand, too.

Author Bio :- James Stewart is a digital marketing expert in Mobilmindz, a prominent mobile app development company which provides Android and iOS app development  services across the global. He loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.


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