How Ecommerce Brands Can Leverage the Power of Social Media to Grow


Simply creating social media accounts on different networks and earning a massive fanbase is not enough to drive people to your ecommerce brand. According to a study, the average conversion rates from social media to purchases are quite insufficient.

So, how can you increase your number of conversions? Read these effective social media growth tips to increase brand engagement and growth.

Use the Power of Social Listening

Social listening gives your brand an amazing opportunity especially when it comes to know what people are talking about your brand on social media. There are many tools that your ecommerce company can use for social listening or you can simply come up with an effective social listening strategy. Many brands use Google Alerts to stay on top of latest trends.

Besides focusing on all the latest trends about your brand, you can also pay attention to your competitors or focus on things that are getting more and more attention in your niche. When you start social listening, you will be able to interact with your potential clients by simply identifying and searching for specific keywords.

You can figure out satisfied and unhappy customers and reach them via social media to provide useful information without promoting your brand. Find where you audience exists, identify industry influencers and brand ambassadors and reach them to promote your brand.

Incentivize Your Customers

Let’s take an example of Diamond Candles, an ecommerce business that sells candles. They embed a ring within a candle which is worth ten dollars. Customers receive a slip which promises that if they have won another ring worth between 100 and 5000 dollars.

Instead of simply focusing on paid promotions, the brand focused on UGC, especially images, videos that customers took when their rings revealed to them. And this social media strategy worked.

Create Seasonal Content

Whether you are a digital agency that offers website design solutions or startup struggling to increase your brand presence, or an established ecommerce business, holiday season and other special events are a great time for businesses to promote their products and services. You can create relevant content and build relationships with your potential customers. Focus on creating and curating holiday-themed or seasonal content – not promotional content. Track local events, holiday shopping season, sports events etc. and then simply target seasonal keywords in your content to organically promote your brand.

But sadly, there are many businesses who don’t harness the potential of special events, holiday season and other important days and don’t craft social media posts related to these events.

If truth be told, holiday and special events specific posts perform better, because these posts are based on aesthetically appealing visuals. Brands can include images of their company’s holiday events, photos from local events, their employees’ images, special products on holiday season.

Did you know that 87% of Facebook posts get engagement because they include a picture? Visuals trigger a range of positive emotions – happiness, excitement, curiosity that can attract audience to your posts. The emotional factor also matters, holiday or event related posts evoke emotions that are crucial for creating social media engagement and conversions.

Over to You

Marketers can’t deny the importance of social media to ecommerce business, you should try new opportunities to increase your ecommerce brand growth. Taking advantage of these important social media tips will help you succeed in the long run. If you find it difficult to shape your social media marketing strategy for 2018, you can contact a professional digital marketing company and strengthen your social media efforts to grow your brand.


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