How 5 Kind of Sports That Reduce Stress


Exercise is one of the most known ways to reduce stress, as well as most of your symptoms, such as tension and anxiety. In addition to a healthy diet, physical activity can reverse some of its harmful effects, according to researchers at the University of Chile.

Exercising reduces stress because during the practice of a sport or physical activity, endorphins, hormones that induce well-being, sleep and relaxation are released, thereby decreasing the anxiety and tension generated by stress.

Reduce Stress Disciplines

According to specialists, to reduce stress it would be best to combine aerobic and anaerobic activities, to promote greater oxygenation of the whole body and elongation of muscles, to relieve tension in general, so it is recommended to practice some disciplines Sports such as:

1. Yoga.

The various yoga postures, which require breathing exercises and resistance training for muscles, serve as protection for the body from stress and stress, according to researchers at Ohio State University.

2. Run.

According to a University of Arizona study, only running 10 minutes a day reduces the adverse effects of stress and accumulated fatigue, because it has a positive effect on blood circulation, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular events.

3. Cycling.

Cycling practiced in calm spaces, this sport discipline favors the relaxation and concentration since it requires of all the senses, besides that it propitiates a better arterial pressure and generates less muscular tension than many other exercises that is why it fights the anxiety and stress, of According to a study in Chile.

4. Swimming.

Swimming allows us to reduce some substances that we produce during the day, such as cortisol, the so-called stress hormone, as well as adrenaline, which generates a state of general tension, so this type of exercise helps to combat it and provides greater Relaxation, explain specialists from the University of Madrid.

5. Pilates.

This discipline helps to alleviate the effects of stress through the application of its core principles, which include breathing techniques, body awareness, relaxation, concentration, attention, balance and harmony.

Stressful situations can occur every day today, however, practicing some of these sports, or exercise in itself, help you have a much more beneficial and positive reaction to solve them.


In running, a controlled stress situation can be very positive. Imagine at the start of a competition: The muscles tighten, breathing becomes fast and shallow, hunger and sexual desire are suppressed, heart rate increases, the digestive process stops, the brain is placed in a state of Alertness and senses are sharpened, the result is higher reaction speed, higher level of strength, less feeling of fatigue and pain, all this is positive for an improvement in performance in your career when a level of stress appears that we can control.

However, beware, because too high a stress situation will end up being counterproductive to performance. Elevated blood pressure and respiratory rate are not adequate for a cardiovascular performance test. High excitation of the nervous system will cause poor intermuscular coordination and in short and intense efforts, can cause lack of motor technique and even injuries. If you find yourself very stressed, do not push yourself too hard. Focus on enjoying your sport and recovery, focus on training as a time of relaxation, and you will have time to improve your brands.


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