8 Easy Methods to Decorate with Driftwood


There’s something so organically beautiful about bringing driftwood into the home. Every single little bit of driftwood is inherently unique, creating an absolutely different appear and feel each and every time.

One of the several great benefits of using driftwood at home decor would it be is free of charge. Go out to the beach and you will end up finding piles and piles from it. And it’s such a simple way to get the beach back into the house. That’s the ideas are fantastic for everyone trying to bring coastal style for their home with limited funds.
Not near a beach? Check out your neighborhood craft store. Many of them sell inexpensive packages of driftwood that are perfect for most of these ideas.

1. Arrange a Nautical Scene Around Frames:

This is just one of our absolute favorite ways to pair a few different beach designs as well as a few other nautical elements. We framed some of our prints, set them atop rope netting and added some driftwood. The finished product really captures that coastal living vibe. It’s really easy to accomplish and extremely adds a little extra to your bookshelf or drawings set up.

2. Use Driftwood As Part of a Table Arrangement

Involve some other nautical items hanging in your home? Bring them together within a simple table arrangement. This is a great idea to get on a sofa table or perhaps as being a tables cape on the dining room table. It is possible to go as basic or older the board as you want using this type of one – the design is very your decision.
Above, we paired a number of items of driftwood with a couple of sea glass vases, nautical knot and a couple of dark cork coasters.

3. Add a Rustic Flair having a Driftwood Key Holder:

We absolutely LOVE this driftwood key holder. It is not only easy to make, it brings a significant level of coastal flair to any home entryway. There’s a great gift in regards to the organic form of the driftwood together with the bluntness in the metal hardware.
The good thing? Each you make will likely be much different. Not to mention that changing the hardware can present you with a totally different feeling.

4. Create Fun Place Card Holders with Driftwood:

Might need some rustic place card holders for your upcoming event or dinner party? Then driftwood (or simply plain ole’ regular wood) place card holders might be to suit your needs. They add this kind of unique portion of charm. Not simply to the beach or nautical decor, these holders are perfect for anyone trying to embrace that outdoorsy feeling inside their next party.

5. Put in a Vase with Flowers:

Gather some driftwood and arrange within a clear vase with either fake or dried flower for any breezy, light touch. It’s a fully different undertake your usual bouquet also it’s pretty low maintenance. Feels like victory-win to us!

6. Make a Driftwood Wreath:

We’re sure you’ve seen these before – these are everywhere at this time. Driftwood wreaths are a great way to warmly welcome guests to your beach or lake house.
They are often increasingly popular around Christmas, but it’s also a beachy accessory any home year round. Plus, there are numerous routes it is possible to take using this one. Whether you purchase one online or make it yourself, this is sure to bring gorgeous beach style to your residence.

7. Craft with Driftwood Starfish:

Bowls filled with decorative orbs and also other materials are everywhere right now. You will want to add beach or coastal style in your set up with these driftwood starfish. These are not at all hard to create and provide a pleasant touch to your decor. All you need is some driftwood, twine and voila!

8. DIY a Sunburst Mirror:

Such as wreath, driftwood mirrors may also be super popular today. This version from All Driftwood Furniture could be a little involved, nevertheless, the final strategy is really worth the effort.

This mirror would look wonderful in an entry hall, lounge or bedroom. It’s the ideal balance of beach style with a touch of modern – that’s why we love it a lot!


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